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Tuning Your Notes couple playing guitar Anniversary date idea

Tuning Your Notes

Anniversary Dates


Music is often defined as the ordering of tones to produce a composition having unity and continuity. Think of this definition for a few second. Isn’t this what being in a relationship feels like? Two people from different backgrounds order their interests and character traits together in order to have unity and continuity. This is a beautiful thing indeed, and it may also greatly explain why couples who play music together stay together longer and have more successful relationships. Then what are you waiting for? Get out your instruments and get tuning.

There is no better time to begin this quest with your partner than an anniversary. It would be the perfect time for both of you to embark on a new and exciting adventure together that will mark the beginning of the new relationship year you begin together. Then what you have to do is look for a music school which offers lessons for both of you, depending on your available time and the music instrument you want to play. Register yourself and your partner, and get ready to surprise him/her on your anniversary day.

On the day of your anniversary, make your instruments ready. If you need to buy a new instrument for either you or your partner, then make sure to do that ahead of time. You could even find some cheaper options at the various garage sales held in your area. Once you have all this ready, it is time to let your partner on the surprise plan. Make sure to mention how good playing music together would be for your relationship, and the tremendous fun you will both experience while learning to play and also during practices and rehearsals.

Finally, it is always important to enjoy the activities you do with your partner for there is where the real fun happens. And always remember that playing music together greatly helps keeping your relationship alive as you are both driven by the passion and mutual love that combines you. Enjoy the music!


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