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Beer Pong Festival Special date idea

Beer Pong Festival

Special Dates


When you want to celebrate a special day with your loved one, whether it is a birthday or a special memory you have together; you always want to find an extra special way to celebrate. The usual parties are oftentimes too mainstream and may get boring at some point. Then your solution is to move away from the traditional and enjoy a cool party at a Beer Pong Festival, which includes all the elements of a traditional party in addition to a friendly competitive drinking game that will make all the difference.

For that special date, you need to start by looking for the nearest Beer Pong Festival in your area. These festivals are mostly common in many cities, and you should be able to find one without much difficulty. At the festival, you can either choose to play a friendly competition or compete more professionally by forming a team and registering in the Beer Pong Tournament. Usually there would be an entrance fee or a competition fee for the competing team, and the team who manages to win will receive some valuable prizes.

For those who are not familiar with this type of drinking game, the idea of the game is to attempt to throw a table tennis ball into cups of beer, usually ordered in a V shape on a table. If you manage to successfully throw the tennis ball into the beer cup, then your opponent is required to drink that cup. The more tennis balls you successfully manage to throw in the beer cups, the more points you gain. The game goes on until you have a winner, or usually when the losing opponent gets too drunk to continue the game.

In the end, you should keep in mind that playing drinking games can be much fun and will give you a great time; however, you should always be responsible enough not to surpass your level of alcohol tolerance, and of course never to drive under the influence of alcohol. All that’s left to do now is to enjoy your night, and remember to always call a taxi or take a cab back home if you get drunk.



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