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There is always something extra special about driving around in the car with someone you love and greatly enjoy spending time with them! James Corden invites celebrities to join him in his car, and they simply just drive around LA, singing carpool karaoke, and having a chat about random topics that might come up, they even play some games! If you want your first date to be quite different and fun you need to try this out! 

Take out your date on a carpooling adventure that is similar to that of James Corden; you can even check out the videos on his YouTube account if you need to get a better understanding about how this goes. How about you and your date decide on a place you both love, and just drive around the town; occasionally stop by a store to get some refreshments and food!

The most important thing to remember before picking up your date; make sure you have a full tank of gas – you need to make a good first impression, and running out of gas in the middle of the road is not something very pleasant. You can start by talking about the places you are passing by; remember it is a place you both have decided on so there must be a reason for this choosing – talk about that, and whenever you pass something that reminds you of a past experience share it with your date, it would be a good kick off for an awesome first date! 

You and your date can even switch up, taking turns driving; making your date drive your car the first time you see them will make your future relationship flourish and you would learn quickly to trust them! During your driving make time to sing along to some trendy new songs, play “What if” and “Would you rather” this way time would fly by and you both would have an awesome time!




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