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Happy Hour

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Drinking is one of the basic things we as humans like to do in order to let go of all the stress in our lives, and to insure that we have an awesome time at parties; we all know the saying “Dance as if no one is watching” well in order to do that one must have a couple of drinks in him to be able to succeed at this without feeling any shame at all! Since drinking and dancing are a perfect mix, go out on a date with your loved one to enjoy these two things! 

Going to a bar to get some drinks is becoming more and more expensive every time; if you and the person you love are on a budget check the local bars in your area and see when they are holding a happy hour time in which the drinks are for free or at a very discounted price! And head out there with the person you love to have some fun!

When you are in a bar on happy hour, the vibe of the bar would be amazing; you would feel very happy and relaxed and you would be drinking without even worrying about how much you are going to pay at the end. Keep in mind that some happy hours at bars usually extend to more than just one hour; sometimes they go on for two or three hours – the more the merrier!

Be sure that when you have a couple of drinks in you dancing is always going to float up, head up to the dance floor with the person you love and start dancing as if no one is watching, as if you have no care in the world and you two would surely have a great time and you would let go of all the stress in you and the rest of your week would be just as awesome as your relationship! 



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