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Let’s Paint Together Everyday memorable Date Idea

Let us Paint Together

Every Day Dates


We all love to create memories, and this is particularly important for couples. Most couples create memories by doing some activities together such as going out to dine, to party, to watch a movie, or even by sharing some everyday tasks and duties. These memories are all so important for the survival and continuity of the relationship, but what about creating a memory that is not only literally beautiful but also is the result of your combined effort. Yes, then what about you get your paint out and create a beautiful canvas painting together.

Before you begin with the painting, you need to make a few things ready. First you need to decide on what you want to paint. It could be anything from a creative mix of colors to a full-detailed portrait. This of course depends on your painting talents and skills. It would be best to choose something that has a significant meaning for the both of you, as this will be so much more fun to paint and you will surly enjoy the final result much more. 

Second, you need to buy the material you need to do the painting. Of course, you should start by buying some white canvas to paint on. You could find those at your local library. There are many sizes available, so choose the size that best suits the dimensions of the painting you are willing to do. You should then get some paintbrushes and some paint. It is best to use acrylic if you are beginners because it is the easiest paint to use and it can be easily erased with water if you make some mistakes.

Finally, you have to set a room for painting. Make sure to cover the working space with newspapers to avoid accidental spoiling of the furniture with paint. Then all that’s left to do is to get together, get your brushes out, and begin to painting. Once you’re done, it would be a great idea to hang that painting in a place which you could both get to see and were it would act as a constant reminder of the good times you enjoyed while painting together.




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