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Love in a Box Anniversary date idea

Love in a Box

Anniversary Dates


We all love to celebrate anniversaries in a special way, be it a one year anniversary or even five or ten years. It is a day on which every couple remembers both the good and bad times they shared together. It is also a time where they celebrate the old memories and begin anew with creating new experiences and memories to come in the following years. So how beautiful would it be then if you could express your love for your partner every day as you begin your renewed journey together?

Here’s the idea. First begin by finding a small wooden box, preferably one with an old antique appearance. If you wish, you could also carve on it the date and your names in some type of beautiful calligraphy. Once this is done, it is time for you to get some blank papers and a pen and get yourself ready. The papers do not need to be special; however, if you could find some with special drawings of hearts on them, then it would be of course more special to use those.

Now the most important task at hand will be to get down and write 365 reasons why you love your partner or how you feel about them, making sure to write each idea on a separate piece of paper. You could also include anything that comes to mind which you find special in your relationship with your partner. You can also mention some of your future wishes regarding your relationship.

In the end, fold those small pieces of paper and place them in the box. You can shuffle them in any random order and have your partner surprised each day as he/she draws a paper every morning to read your love message. Maybe you can even make a kind of storyboard and organize the papers in order. Whatever you choose, this idea will for sure be a very special anniversary gift from the heart which will make your love for each other much stronger and more beautiful. Now all that’s left to do is to get down to writing! 



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