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The Weirdest Menu Item Every Day Date Idea

The Weirdest Menu Item Date

Every Day Dates


Here’s the situation. You’ve been together with your partner for a significantly long time and you begin to feel that you’re running out of ideas to make your dates exciting again. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that make a difference. You don’t have to do extraordinary plans or major things such as traveling the world. The answer just lies in changing your perspective about the local restaurants you usually visit together. It’s very simple, and here’s how: play the “Weirdest Menu Item” game.

Begin by choosing a restaurant you usually visit and enjoy. However this time; instead of choosing the usual items you order, go through the menu together and pick the weirdest names you could find. Then be brave and daring enough to order those menu items, and then take turns trying them out. Share your opinions about the food you ordered and see what your lover thinks too.

You can repeat that at every restaurant you visit, and you never know what will surprise you enough. This game is not only fun because you will get a surprise every time your meal is served, but it also challenges your taste buds. You will get to taste so many different food combinations you never knew or thought of before. If you are daring enough, you can take it to the next level which is going to a Chinese, Indian, or any other foreign food restaurant and randomly pick the weirdest food items you see.

As you see, the game is pretty simple; however, it requires you to be daring and willing to take the risk of trying new things. After experience we know that in most cases it will be very fun and you’ll probably go back and order those weird menu items again. So get ready for your date, prepare yourself for some taste bud explosions, and take the challenge. 



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