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Relive Your First Date Again Anniversary date Idea

Relive Your First Date Again

Anniversary Dates


We all anticipate anniversaries because they remind us of the good times we shared with the people we love. Not only are anniversaries special days that helped changed our lives in a direction we did not anticipate, but also they act as reminders to show our love and appreciation to the person we are in love with. Planning for an anniversary can be tricky, but a sure way to guarantee a good time is to relive your most beloved memory: your first date together.


Just before your anniversary, take some time and remember with much details as possible what you did on your first date together. For instance, if you had dinner at a special restaurant; try to remember the dishes you ordered and even the bottle of wine you shared. You can even go further and try to remember the clothes you wore. Once you have that ready in your mind, it’s time to plan on the next step.

Now what you have to do is make everything ready. Start by booking a place at the same restaurant you visited or any other place you went to that day. Try to get as much as possible all the preparations down to the detail. This will sure impress your loved one. Prepare your outfit for the next day, and maybe also a nice bouquet of flowers and some chocolate. 

On the day of your anniversary, surprise your love by showing up the same way you did on your first date. Don’t give him/her too much details yet, but act as discreetly as possible. Let the other person figure out the date idea. And now, all that’s left to do is to fully enjoy your time together and relive the beautiful memories of that day that made you fall in love with each other.


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