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How to Fall in Love on the First Date 36 questions Experiment

How to Fall in Love on the First Date?

First Dates


First dates can be tricky. Some people feel so much anxiety that it makes them seem shy and unimpressive. This feeling is normally experienced by many; that is why a group of psychologists recently tested out a new experiment guaranteed to “make any two strangers fall in love”. This experiment consists of 36 questions divided into three categories, which range from asking about the simple everyday routine of your partner to the most sensitive and personal parts of their lives.

Before getting ready for your first date, take a look at these questions and try to think of how they make you feel. If you find that 36 questions are too much to ask on the first date, then divide them in a way you see fit for you and your partner. You can find these questions on the following link: 36questionsinlove.com. They are presented in an interactive way that will guarantee you and your date a great time, and also perfectly create the opportunity for you to get to know each other with the minimum frustrations and anxiety.

Moreover, don’t be afraid to share your honest answers with your date because it is only through being honest and simple that you will find the true love you are looking for. This has been the conclusion of the couple you see in the picture. They were subject to that experiment, which was carried out by ASAPScience, and by the end of the 36 questions they fell in love. And guess what? They are now still happily together. 

Once again, first dates are not so easy to deal with. Getting to know a new person from scratch can be very challenging, but it can also be super fun if done the right way. So now you have the perfect way to kick off a hopefully long-lasting relationship. Go grab a drink with your first date and get started with those questions. Good luck! 



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