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Mute It and Talk Every Day Date Idea

Mute It and Talk

Every Day Dates


Have you ever wondered what it would feel like if you and the person you love took a normal date and turned it upside down? Have you ever thought how wonderful it would make you feel if something you are used to doing every day is suddenly taken in a different perspective? Check out this date idea in which something that everyone around the world is used to doing in a certain way is shifted and taken in a completely new perspective! 

When you are planning to spend a night in with the person you love, don’t just plan any regular night in; plan a night in which you and the person you love would get some benefit out off, a simple night in to watch a movie can turn into a night that would remain in your minds for years to come.

Put on a movie that you both love and have watched before; but instead of just sitting down eyes fixed on the screen, mute the T.V and improvise the dialogue that you think might be going on in the movie – keep in mind that even though you know the movie change the dialogue, don’t just say what you know is being said in a specific scene; make a new dialogue in which you and the person you love would be answering each other with improvising.

This sort of date idea can be done any time of year, on any type of occasion, and even when there is no occasion. This date idea would make you get to know the person you love better; it would make your relationship stronger and full of inside jokes. 


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