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Are We Lost special date idea

Are We Lost?

Special Dates


Special occasions that you and your loved one share together are what makes the relationship have a sort of spark from time to time, they make you and your loved one have the drive to try new date ideas, to try and do something new to bring fun and adventure into the relationship! Special occasions; from birthdays, events, and any other special occasion you two celebrate together are a reason to keep the date ideas you do fresh and not monotonous.

When you and your loved one have a special occasion coming up, you can come up with a new date idea to do together instead of doing the same things you two do on every single date you go to. One of those new and fresh ideas you can do together is going into the woods with a map to explore the great outdoors. 

Make this date have an edge of old-fashion; do not follow the GPS on your phones, instead of doing that get a paper map; as seen in the above picture, and try to follow the rout into the woods to arrive to a certain spot with an amazing view so you two could enjoy yourselves and rest there. Make sure you both are well prepared for this kind of date; pack up bags full of energy bars, food, water, and any essentials that you think you might need out there in the woods. 

To make things even more interesting, leave your phones in your car that way if you get lost you would get lost together and be able to work together as a couple to figure out the way back; this way you would learn how to make it out of a tough situation, no matter how hard it is!


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