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Eiffel tower Themed Anniversary Haven Date Idea

Themed Anniversary Haven

Anniversary Dates


We all know that couples all around the world wait all year long for that one day a year, they wait for that one day that is so extremely important and special that they would literally do anything they could possibly could to make it worthwhile and memorable. Couples that feel this way about anniversaries are honestly and truly in complete and utter love with each other; so to show your loved one how much you love them, and how much you are willing to do for them check out this amazing idea you can do!

As you can see in the picture above, one couple’s dream was to travel to Paris on their anniversary and spend a day there peacefully near the Eifel Tower, but circumstances varying from work and obligations did not permit them to do so. In order not to give up on their dream they decided to do a themed anniversary date.

You and your loved one’s dream might not be Paris; your dream might be Venice, London, Brazil, … any country around the world, so in order to achieve your dreams this date night idea would definitely take more than a couple of weeks planning. First of all, you must decide on the country you two wish to go to in common, then, head to a flower shop and tell them what to do in exact; for example, you can give them a picture of the Eifel Tower and tell them to cover it with flowers as in the picture above.

Do not just stop there, throw flower petals on the floor and spread candles on all sides, dim the lights and make it look very romantic and just spend the night with your loved one, you can order in some classy food and just have a good, romantic time together.


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