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Johnny Depp Captain Jack Sparrow visiting the Children’s Hospital Foundation Every Day Date Idea

Away From the Safe Zone

Every Day Dates


Whenever you hear of a celebrity whom has visited a children’s hospital to help in putting a smile on a child’s face, you can’t but help feeling that this world still has people who care, people who are still willing to go all the way to make someone in need smile! The happiness that would be felt when you go and visit children who are stuck at the hospital would bring you and your loved one peace of mind for a long time coming.


Although you might be thinking that going to visit children in a hospital is not the kind of date that would be worthwhile, but on the contrary this date idea is exactly what you and the person you love need in your lives. The happiness that you would experience on this day would stick with the both of you for a long time; who knows it could turn into a once a month kind of date!


Plan to go and visit a nearby hospital that has a section for kids suffering from an illness – any kind of illness or sickness. Take with you gifts, plan activities and games that you might be able to do with the kids in the hospital; you can even call beforehand and check with the nurses about what might you and your loved one is able to do for those kids to help make them have a better day.


Go ahead to the hospital with the person you love, spend the day playing with the kids, time would really fly away and you two would feel that you want to spend more time there. The fact that you would be doing this kind of activity would make you two see each other in a new perspective; it would make you two get to know each other, and yourselves more. It would be totally worth it!


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