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An Opposite First Date Idea

An Opposite First Date

First Dates


First dates are the most important part of the whole relationship; if the person you are going out with doesn’t like you from the first time, there is absolutely no guarantee that that person would talk to you again. First dates; therefore, are very important, but that does not mean that you should feel pressured, or feel that you need to prove yourself by doing everything perfectly, sometimes a small twist in your perception of a first date is all it takes to twist your future love life.

One of the most simplest things you can do on a first date that involves a bit of twisting around with what is known as a “normal” first date is taking up the courage; you and the person you are with, to decide on the food the other is going to eat. You see your job is to simply order for your date, and your date orders for you.

You might think that it is crazy and stupid since you two do not even know each other at all or even the other’s preferences, but that is the whole concept of a date with a twist. The fact that you two do not know each other makes it all worthwhile and memorable – be careful to ask your date at the beginning if he has allergies to any type of food, just to stay on the safe side!

To make things even more interesting, go to a restaurant that neither one of you has ever been to before, or has ever tried! This way what you order for the person you are with is merely out of interest of the content and name; and let the fun begin!


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