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Romance in the Blue amazing anniversary idea in the ocean

Romance in the Blue

Anniversary Dates


Wherever you live there is definitely an ocean nearby, and no one can really deny the fact that the ocean gives out a vibe of calmness, purity, innocence, and romance. Those four characteristics are the perfect combination for an anniversary date environment for you and your loved one to have! Plan to go spend time near the ocean with the person you love on you anniversary, and it is a guarantee that you would definitely have a wonderful time!

If you are not quite familiar with what exactly is meant by a date “in” the ocean, just simply check the picture above, the table is not in the sand near the ocean, on the contrary, it is literally placed inside the clear blue water. Having a table set up on the sand is also romantic you cannot deny, but being able to dip your feet in the calming water while you eat makes this date very unique to any other date.

This is your anniversary; you must keep that in mind, so the element of special and unique must be guiding you all throughout the date. You can put out torches, ones that are similar to the ones shown in the picture above, you can even spread out flower petals all over the sand, and even on the water – if the water is calm it would give the date an ambience of love that is never felt on any other normal date!

Get one waiter to serve you so you two would not worry about a thing, and when you are done eating take a walk by the water’s edge; talk and hold hands while you walk! This sort of date would be awesome to end and start off a wonderful year!   



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