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Say Cheese Anniversary Date Idea

Say Cheese!

Anniversary Dates


Taking pictures is one way of keeping memories stored up, at times memories stored in your mind may be unreliable or you might forget some small details that you would wish later on that you had some way of keeping them stored up so that you wouldn’t have forgotten them. Since this might be a concern for you and your loved one, now there is a way that you both would have memories stored up in a very beautiful way.

What you can do with your loved one on the days leading up to your anniversary, register yourselves in a photography class, and attend at least 2 or 3 sessions until you both find yourselves able, and capable of taking pictures that are worth keeping around forever.

On the day of your anniversary, go with your loved one to a place that has amazing scenery, a place where by simple looking around you both would feel peace and comfort, and you both would feel the vibe of romance and love in in the air all around you; a place like this is usually in nature. Nature has so many places that are worth sitting in for several hours without getting bored, so finding such a place in nature would be simply perfect for you both.

After reaching the place you have decided on, sit a while in each other’s arms and contemplate the life you two are sharing together enjoy each other’s company, and then, get up and start having a photoshoot together, and of each other; store those memories through pictures in order for you both to remember this day for years forward.


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