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Hold My Hand Let Us Jump Sky Diving Anniversary Date Ideas

Hold My Hand Let Us Jump

Anniversary Dates


When you have your anniversary coming up, you get all excited up that not just any date night, or just any day spend with your loved one would be sufficient to make you both feel that you have done something very different than all other dates you have been to throughout the whole year. So, on your coming anniversary, plan to do something that is very worthwhile, something that you would remember for always! Sky Diving!

If you have a fear of highest don’t worry, you can still do this especially since it is extremely safe and you will definitely not be jumping out of a plane without all precautions taken to be able to land safely. Keep in mind that this date need booking ahead of time, so if you want to do this on your anniversary make sure that you plan it ahead of time.

Staying together is the whole point on an anniversary, so the whole time you two must be together; go to the same plane, sit beside each other, and even jump out of the plane together – at the same time, preferably holding each other’s hands. Do not worry about pictures; like the one seen above, because someone would definitely be taking pictures of this moment, and if there is no one to do that you can simply just ask!

This kind of date will make you two feel that you both are invincible together, that you both are more confident when you are by each other’s side! Jumping out of a plane takes so much courage, and doing it together will surely, no doubt whatsoever, make you two have a stronger basis for your relationship.


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