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Sit Beside Me Let’s Laugh Youtube Every Day Date Idea

Sit Beside Me Let’s Laugh

Every Day Dates


We all sit down for long hours on YouTube, from video to video, from tutorials and funny videos to things that are so extremely non-sense that even you get surprised at the fact that you are watching this video! Since we all love spending time watching YouTube videos turn this into a date in which you and your loved one would sit together and watch funny videos together; this would surely make such an amazing date!

When you are sitting at home board, wanting to do something with the person you love but both of you just want to sit in and you both don’t feel like doing anything outside of home, invite your loved one over to spend a day on YouTube. This day, I guarantee you, is going to be one of the most memorable dates, and a date when so many “inside jokes” between you two are going to be made.

Sit in and open up YouTube; don’t just watch any kind of videos start off with funny videos. To make things easier for you there are compiled lists of the most funniest YouTube videos: YouTube’s 50 Best Videos according to Time magazine, 50 Funniest YouTube Videos of All Time. Start off by watching those videos and then all flows from there.

To make this day seem like it is not just another sit together board on a very normal day; bring some snacks and drinks for you both to enjoy while watching the videos and having fun together. This day is surely going to be one of the most amazing and funniest dates you two would ever have.



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