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One Direction Harry Styles playing tennis Every Day Date Idea

Hit That Ball

Every Day Dates


You have a whole year to spend with the person you love; let’s say you have about 250 days to spend with the person you love and do something normal and casual; that is if you are removing the special days you both share, and days where you might not be able to do something together. So in the days where you both can spend time together you both should do something that is very fun and exciting that you both will always remember.

One of the many things you and your loved one can do together is going to a tennis court and playing a game against each other. It is a very fun thing you both can do together to pass a day in which you both simply want to spend time together and enjoy yourselves; building new memories that you both shall remember for always.

Book a tennis court that is near where you live for a day, or at least for around 3 to 4 hours; keep in mind that time passes by very fast when you both are playing and enjoying you time together. Play against each other and simply for the fun of it keep score of each round, at the end of the match the person who loses would be the one inviting the other person for a cold drink or cocktail after the heated game.

This type of date is very simple, but the affect it would have on your relationship is major. You both would bond more together due to the fact that every once in a while a good friendly competition between you and your loved one is very healthy to your relationship.


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