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Dermot O’Leary Kara Tointon camping together in Kenya Anniversary Date Idea

Here We Go Let Us Camp

Anniversary Dates


Camping is one of the many therapies that many doctors, researchers, and scientists have proven that it is very effective in building up self-esteem, and confidence in a person; the bonding with nature has a very positive effect on the human mind, everyone should at least go on a camping adventure once a year. If camping can be very beneficial for just a single person then if you went on a camping trip with your other half imagine the wonders it would do for your relationship. 

A date like this would be perfect on an anniversary, this way you both would have time to bond and reminisce about the year you have just passed through together. When planning a camping trip with your loved one, everything has to be organized in order for you both to enjoy yourselves without worrying about missing anything. So start planning ahead of time; make lists and start preparing everything you think you might need – more is better than less. 

After you have prepared everything and organized your belongings it is time to plan where to go! Now you see, since it is on your anniversary it can’t just be any place, it has to be somewhere amazing and wonderful with a spectacular view of the world. You can even make it a moving camping trip for 3 or 4 days depending on both of you and every night you spend it in a certain camp ground. 

Make sure that everything is perfect, and that you don’t face any gaps that way you would feel completely relaxed and you and your loved one would bond like never before! In addition, you both would never forget this day and how it made you feel. 


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