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Balloons up High Romantic Valentine Date Idea

Balloons up High

Valentine Dates


Without deep introductions and without the need to explain further how very special this day is for so many people around the world, it is very clear that everyone who is even a bit in love waits for this day of the year to tell the person they love how much they actually, truly, deeply, love them. They wait for this day to express their feelings without any kind of limitations; so on this day do something as crazy as this day is. 

One thing you can do for the person you love before you even plan where you two are going to go out for dinner is to surprise them with a very romantic gesture at home. There are so many things you might have in mind and you might be lost in picking the perfect thing to do; this idea might just join many of your thoughts into one!

As you can see in the picture above, every balloon’s string is attached to a letter. To begin with all the balloons that you will be putting in your loved one’s bedroom must be all hearts and preferably red. Second, the letters must each contain a different thing so that each time your loved one would open a new one they would feel just as happy and excited as when they read the first one. 

In the letters you could write about so many things; dates you two had that you remember clearly, the first time you met, your first kiss, you first dinner, a special memory you share,… there are so many things to write about and make sure that each one has feelings and emotions that show how much you love and care about the person you love.



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