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Cuddle In Valentine Day Massage Date Idea

Cuddle In

Valentine Dates


Valentine’s Day is a day of love; everything you do on this day will surely be coming from the bottom of your heart; it is not that you don’t love your partner on all other days of the year, but somehow the environment and wherever you go you see hearts and flowers and posters of people in love. This would make you and your loved one both feel that this day is extra special so you should do something very special together.

Plan a cuddle in day, but not just any cuddle in day; make it a day in which you would do something very special with the person you love as you are cuddling in. one of the most amazing things you can do with the person you love is to play a kind of game in which it will lead to you both giving each other a massage.

To make things interesting and special; make a circle and write down all the places on your body you would like to get massaged; hands, feet, shoulders, neck… and make another circle writing on it your names several places and scattered. Bring playing dice; the point of the game is to throw one dice on the circle with the body parts and the other on the circle with your names written on it. 

The game goes as follows, for example; if the dice lands on your name then you would get a massage, and wherever the other dice lands is the place where your loved one would be giving you a massage. You can even make a third circle for how many minutes you would want your massage to last. This is one great idea you can do on Valentine’s Day.



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