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Cuddle in a Fort Valentine Day Date Idea

Cuddle in a Fort

Valentine Dates


Sometimes going out on Valentine’s Day to a restaurant or a club with the person you love might not be the only thing you can do; there are so many things you can do on this day that would make you and the person you love feel very happy and loved on this special day in the year. One of the many things you can do with a different perspective is building a fort.

We all know how much it is cozy and nice to stay in a fort and cuddle up with someone you love. On Valentine’s Day build a fort with a romantic edge to it; as seen in the picture above, white Christmas like likes are hung up with amazing light bulbs that gave the fort a vibe of romance.

Build a similar fort with the person you love, and plan to spend the night in it. First, you would have so much fun and bonding time building it together, working together as a couple and fighting over the small details; it would make you both feel as if you were really in love. Then decorate the interior however you both wish it to be. You can even put in it a T.V as in the picture, so you could enjoy watching a movie.

Spend your night in the fort, cuddling together, talking about your future, making out, and most importantly having the best time possible on this very romantic day in the year. Give each other the gifts you have gotten each other and simply enjoy your extremely romantic evening. 



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