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Katy Perry and Russell Brand sledding in the London snow Anniversary Date Idea

Down the Hill We Go

Anniversary Dates


When it comes to going out with the person you love on an anniversary, people always think that romance, flowers, and even doves should be involved in the day in order to guarantee that it would be romantic and fun. Have you ever thought about going on an amazingly fun date on your anniversary and you two, just by being together and spending the whole day having fun, would simply make the day worthwhile and romantic in your own special form!


Katy Perry and boyfriend Russell Brand had the time of their lives sledding in the London snow, and it is very obvious in the pictures above. You and your loved one should also have the chance to do something like this on your anniversary; so make plans to head out in the morning to a place where you can be able to sled and have fun with the spirit of love in the air.


Spend the day climbing up the mountain and sledding down the hill with the person you love, the time would fly by so fast that you would not even believe it. The amount of fun you two would have is indescribable! Take turns sitting in the front of the sled, the most fun part about it, and the most romantic is when you tumble down at the end and fall on each other; this would give you two the vibe of love!


When you find yourselves out of breath and need a break, head to the nearest lodging place, sit by the chimney with some hot coco or tea and simply cuddle with each other while talking about how much fun the day was.  

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