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Photo Scavenger Hunt with a Twist Special Date idea

Photo Scavenger Hunt with a Twist

Special Dates


How it works

The best date activities create an endless labyrinth of smalltalk that get deeper conversation flowing. This scavenger hunt is a walking date that’s incredible at doing this!


It starts in the CBD where you give your date a stack of photos. These aren’t the usual selfies, however, rather they’re a strange mish-mash of random objects, street art, and weird stuff.


They’re also breadcrumb style clues that lead the way to a surprise finish! Along the way it’s going to be a lot of fun as they try to connect them together particularly when you detour for the occasional detour for coffee or shopping!



How to prep

A few days before the date head to the city and go to your desired start location. If you’re not sure where you should go just google ‘Walking tour CITY NAME’ and there will be a bunch that the local council will have made.  



Then get out your phone and start waking! Take a photo, every 20 or so steps, of interesting things along the way. Keep a lookout for any new cafes/bars/attractions you might want to stop and chill at.


Like all adventures you want it to build towards an awesome goal so make the trek end at something you know they’ll love. For example:

  1. Local gig
  2. Festival
  3. Theatre/arthouse movie
  4. High end restaurant
  5. Game arcade


Lastly go to an office store and print the photos. In case they get muddled put a small number on the back of each one so you can put them back in the correct order.




Take Creative Photos!

Here’s a chance to bust out your creative flare! Don’t just take boring photos of street signs - this is an epic scavenger hunt! Instead choose things that stand out and are unusual. You can also make photos more interesting by getting up really close! 




Fun mods you can try:

There’s heaps of ways you can combo this date activity with other ideas to make it even more epic!

  1. Grab some costumes and make it a Superhero Date where you stop petty crime along the way. Jaywalkers look out!
  2. Make a treasure map for some extra pirate Arrgh-goodness! Simply tea dye some paper and print a Google Map of the CBD onto the paper. Then write the number of each photo on the map where it was taken! Here is a longer guide for making the map.
  3. Jump in the car and make it a Mystery Date where you’re driving around looking for the clues!
  4. Make the photos harder to find and write a clue on each one.



This article was provided by: Date Night Wingman

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