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Come and Have a Drink with Me Warm Summer First Date Idea

Come and Have a Drink with Me

First Dates


When summer strikes in with its hot air waves people tend to have a tendency to stay at home and do nothing while the heat cools down. What if you had a first date to go to and to your bad luck it is on one of those hot days. Cancelling is never the option, so whatever it is that you had planned for this day may be ruined because of the excessive heat, so in order for you and your date to have fun make turn it into a meet up for some cold drink kind of date.


In general meeting up for drinks does not necessarily have to be on one of those days, you can have this sort of date any time of year on any kind of weather. This kind of date idea is perfect for a first date since it is one of the safest kinds of dates to go on. No drama can occur, and you both would have the perfect amount of time for a subtle conversation.


If you and the person you are taking out on this first date are a bit more of the adventurous kind of people, you can turn this date up by going to a club that offers relaxing music for some drink, a bar at a time that it is not crowded, or simply at a restaurant.


Take your first date out to get some drinks, enjoy the conversation that would be shared over them, talk about anything that comes to your mind while your cooling yourselves off. Simply enjoy your time together in order to guarantee having another.

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