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Water Fight Fun Time

Every Day Dates


It is summer time, the temperatures are rising and you would sometimes feel really hot and sweaty that you would cancel all your plans to simply sit at home and do nothing! The time has come for this to stop, when the weather seems really hot and unbearable call up your loved one and ask them to come over for some serious fun in the sun! Do not let a hot sunny day ruin your chances of doing something extremely fun with the person you love.


On such days, you might feel really tired and not in the mood to do anything, but it especially important that it is on those days that you and the person you love plan to do something together; this shows you both that no matter what the circumstances are you two would want to spend some quality time together. So on such days plan to have a water fight with your loved one!


Begin by grabbing all the toys you would need to have an awesome water fight; water guns, water balloons, bottles, and even a hose could come in handy. Prepare everything; you can even spread the toys all around the place in which you would be having the fight in order to make it more challenging. If you and your loved one wish to make the day even more enjoyable you can invite a couple of friends over and turn it into a group water fight.


You and your loved one would be running around like kids, hiding, jumping, and laughing so hard that you would forget the hot weather and simply enjoy the time you are spending together.


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