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Light Up My World Amazing Anniversary Date Idea

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Anniversary Dates


Anniversaries have had a sort of norm surrounding them concerning the type of things you should do on this day in order to achieve an amazing anniversary date for you and the person you love to enjoy greatly. But even norms tend to change over time, and on your coming anniversary you should make plans to do something for the person you love that is so romantic and amazing, but at the same time new and fresh.


Plan a quiet and loud anniversary dinner, this means you two would spend it alone in a quiet place with no interruptions around you whatsoever, and loud as in including music, dancing and lights. If you don’t have your own place, you can book a room in a hotel for a day in order to guarantee that you two would spend this day alone with no disturbances.


As seen in the picture above, the couple is dancing and there are colourful lights floating around with the lights dimmed. Prepare the place you are going to spend the night in as such, you can get a disco ball, colourful lights, candles, you can even spread flower petals on the ground; the idea is to make it romantic and sweet for you and your loved one to enjoy.


Prepare a mixed C.D that includes your songs, and some other love songs that remind you of your loved one. Play the C.D and dim the lights and dance with your loved one. Time would fly by so quickly that you might even see yourselves dancing to no music later on. This sort of anniversary date is perfect for you both to get closer together.


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