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Outdoor Theater Date Bliss

First Dates


When it comes to first dates, there is this sort of mutually agreed upon rule that the date should be casual, sweet, and most importantly entertaining. This is all true but it does not necessarily apply to all first dates, it usually depends on the person you are going out with, what they like, their hobbies, and their interests. This sort of date idea could be done with anyone, but if you truly want to impress your date this is the sort of idea for a literature fan!


If you met someone who loves to read, or is majoring in literature then luck is on your side for this first date idea is guaranteed to amaze them to the extreme, and you would definitely have a positive impact on them, which would lead to a second, third, and probably a relationship with that person.


It does not really matter where you live, there are constantly events that hold an outdoor theater in which you bring your own blankets to sit on, and a cover in case the weather was chilly, you can even bring your own snacks. So you head there with your date and begin watching the theater performance under the stars, in the vast outdoor.


This sort of first date idea would bring you two closer, giving you all the time you want to chat since it is in open air so you would not be disturbing others near you, and you would get the chance to meet each other in a wonderful environment. So head out there with your date and enjoy yourselves! 


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