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Katy Perry bungee jumping Special Date Idea

Jump Down With Me

Special Dates


When it’s your loved one’s birthday coming up, or some other special occasion you two might share together, you would always want to do something that is worth remembering, you would want your loved one to keep on telling the story of when you gave them the most amazing birthday they could ever dream of. Though you might think that it is a hard thing to do, it is in fact very simple, check out this idea for example!


When your loved one’s birthday, or any other special occasion is around the corner you begin to worry about what you could do, for of course you would want to do something amazing. Take a deep breath! One thing you can do is take your loved one bungee jumping!


Before you book a date, make sure that the person you love is not afraid of heights, if all is good then you have got the green light to begin making plans! Make sure that the place you have chosen for this activity is 100% safe in all areas! Your loved one would be delighted at all the effort you have put into making this day special.


Going bungee jumping with the person you love is a really nice thing to do, most importantly you can actually request that you both jump at the same time, holding hands; this would make the day even more special for the both of you, and it would definitely, no question about it, strengthen the bond you share and make you two become even more closer, and it would make you trust each other more. So put on your comfy shoes and go have some fun!


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