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Mystery Adventure Everyday Date Idea

Mystery Date

Every Day Dates


When you have been dating for a while, the everyday stuff you usually do get boring over time and you and your loved one would feel the need to do something different, something new to keep that excitement in the relationship. Sometimes that something new that you would want to do with the person you love needs to have an edge of adventure and mystery in order for the both of you to stay overly happy together. Check out this mystery date day you could spend together!

Plan with the person you love, on a normal boring day, to go out together for a mystery trip to nowhere in specific. You need to have on this day a sense of adventure and mystery; just get into a car and drive without having a destination in mind, you might want to bring your smart-phone with you or a GPS in case you get lost somewhere and can’t find the way back home!

Stop the car when you feel hungry, but make sure you stop at a restaurant you have never been to before, in a town you both have never visited before. You must not forget that everything you do on this day must have a vibe of adventure and mystery, and this vibe you both shall be feeling it simultaneously.

You can also stop the car whenever you come across a place that seems interesting, or a place that has an amazing view or amazing site to see. When you drive into towns you have never seen before and places never been to before you will definitely see things that will catch your eye stop and see them filling your adventure feelings up!


Just get into your car and drive. Stop when you want to eat or get a closer look at something of interest. Wing and have fun. 


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