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An Airport Love Story Special Date Idea

An Airport Love Story

Special Dates


Is it that time of year again? Is it your loved one’s birthday, or any other day of the year in which you both celebrate because it is a remembrance of a certain event in your lives? Whatever it is that you and your loved one wish to celebrate on this day you have to make it as special, and as interestingly new that you both would enjoy yourselves and the time you would be spending together, you have to make this day so special that the both of you would remember for year to come!

One kind of special date idea you can do that is extremely awesome, and that would benefit you both greatly in terms of strengthening the bond you share, and making you both appreciate the time you spend together is living a day together in an airport creating your own special love story on this special day in a special way.

Head out with your loved one to the local airport in your city, and make plans to spend at least four or five hours over there watching airplanes take off and land. We all have seen several movies in which couples have spent time together at an airport or have seen airplanes take off and land and it was truly breathtaking. Now is your time to do that with the person you love.

While spending the day at the airport, you and your loved one would have so much to talk about that those four or five hours would pass by in a blink of an eye. Make sure you are standing in an area you’re allowed to be in that has the perfect view of the planes, and just talk about whatever comes to mind. Try to stay there until sunset, or sunrise the view then would be really spectacular, something to remember for year to come.


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