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Stay at Home First Date Idea

Stay at Home Date

First Dates


We live in a world today that is overshadowed with technology, on dates, in movies, at dinner, at work… it does not matter where you are or what you’re doing your phone is with you. Many people are getting overly stressed about it, they get crazy when on a date and their partner is always phone in hand. Although all this can be quite annoying, there is a positive advantage to it, you can now have your first date at home!

When you meet someone over the internet, or someplace else, you directly begin to stress where to take them on a first date, now you do not have to! Make plans with your date to free your time for a couple of hours to do nothing but text each other. Now this might seem a bit crazy but who can argue that it’s not a great idea?

All jokes aside, it has many benefits to text on a first date. Okay, sure you won’t be able to get to see your date face to face, but meeting their personality is more important. Plus you do not have to worry about what to wear, or where you have to go. Both of text about everything, talk through texting as if you are on a first date and get to meet them.

The biggest advantage you get from this date idea is that you can easily, with no stress, decide whether you actually liked your date’s personality or not without taking into consideration their behavior and looks. Might not seem as such a bad idea after all!


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