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Jenson Button and Jessica Michibata yoga everyday date idea

Relax and Yoga Together Date

Every Day Dates


There is nothing more relaxing that doing yoga with a loved one. As seen in the picture above, famous formula one driver Jenson Button and his fashion model wife Jessica Michibata are enjoying themselves greatly while doing a couples yoga in the great outdoors. Now is your chance to plan a similar date for you and your loved one to enjoy!

Every day dates might sometimes begin to seem too repetitive, your job is to keep your dates always interesting and new, that way your relationship will always grow with love. When you and the person you love seem to be going through a time where you both feel out of shape, this yoga date idea might just be the perfect thing for you.

Plan a yoga date to have with your loved one, this date idea does not have to be in a yoga class, nor with a group; you can plan a date to enjoy yoga with the person you love in nature. Pick the place you think would be perfect for such a date; it could be your backyard, somewhere with a great view, as in the picture above, or depending on you two, it could be in your living room. The location of this date depends greatly on you two as a couple and your interests.

Watch a few yoga for couples videos before you begin, get the general idea behind what is required for practicing yoga as a couple, and the perfect way to benefit from it. This way you and the person you love would have spent an amazing day together, and both of you would definitely have an awesome time!


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