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Paul Walker Jessica Alba Take Me into the Deep Blue Date Anniversary Date Ideas

Take Me into the Deep Blue Date

Anniversary Dates


The movie “Into the blue” features Jessica Alba and Paul Walker, God rest his soul, these two play a very much in love couple that have a hobby of diving and finding treasure. Their romance throughout the film is very inspirational, and has made many romantics out there hope that someday they can go diving in the clear blue waters with the person they love! Why wait any longer? Now is your chance to do that as an anniversary date!

People always seem to think that going on an anniversary has to be at night, with candles and balloons and all love and doves in the air. If you think about it, spending the whole day with the person you love on your anniversary, then heading to a romantic dinner at night is a hundred times better, and makes the whole day seem pretty much perfect.

One way of spending the whole day together is by going scuba diving, exploring the underwater together, hand in hand. Nothing is more romantic then being in the wild wide blue, with all kinds of fish and creatures surrounding the both of you. You two would have an amazing time, diving, collecting stones from the underwater to keep as memories forever. In a way you two would be collecting your own kind of treasure.

Spending the day underwater with your loved one would put you both in a vibe full of love and happiness, you two would then head out on a romantic dinner date and you can happily discuss your day and the future days ahead of you that you want to spend together, and all kinds of amazing adventurous dates you would want to go on together.


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