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Up Up We Go Special Date Idea Inspired from Disney's famous animation movie Up

Up Up We Go Date

Special Dates


We all want to have amazing days that we would remember for year, days that would always seem to crawl up in our brains whenever we are telling a story in a group, something that would make us smile every time the mere memory of it sparks up in our mind. There are quite a lot of things to do that would give you that sort of feeling, and one of those amazing things is going on a special date with the person you love on a hot air balloon ride!

Special dates are always something for couples to worry about; you want to do something great but keeping it below the greatness you give for an anniversary. Going on a hot air balloon ride with the one you love is the perfect kind of in between date that is not too overly romantic, yet extremely special for a special occasion you too wish to celebrate together.

This kind of date needs a little bit of panning ahead of time; begin by preparing for this special date beforehand to insure that the day would go by flawlessly and amazingly. While planning for this kind of date, keep in mind that you and your loved one are celebrating a special occasion, so do not think twice when it comes to decorating the balloon basket you two would be riding together in.

Decorate the basket of the hot air balloon with balloons, flowers, and confetti. You can even push it a bit more and hang around the basket pictures of you two together on different occasions in the past. This would put you two in a romantic mood, and you both would definitely have an amazing time!


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