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first date idea inspired by Johnny Depp Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Factory Fun Time Date

First Dates


Everyone, all around the world, wants their first date to go by with perfection and to be flawless. People usually start planning for their first dates a week earlier to insure that it would go by with such perfection that they would get a second one if they desire it. So in order for you to be sure that you would get a second date after the first one, you have to make sure that your first date has a hint of surprise and let it be a unique experience.

Since people tend to start planning for first dates a week earlier, start planning yours by looking up for a factory near the place where you live; it is best to pick a chocolate factory, ice cream, cookie, or any other kind of sweets factory in order to have fun tasting the different kinds they offer at the end of the date.

Take your date out to the factory on the first date, it is first of all a worthy and unique experience that would definitely be different than any other kind of dates your date has been on which would make you stick in their mind, and also this date idea would be really fun and exciting; you both would have an awesome time together walking around the factory, it offers the perfect time for a relaxing conversation to get to know each other.

First dates can be really fun if you plan to go to the best and most relaxing places, and going to a factory of any kind of sweets is a great idea. Even if your date turns out to be boring and not what you expected you personally would still have a good time.


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