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Jessica Alba went to a shooting range to fire a few rounds perfect every day date idea

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One of our favorite actresses out there, Jessica Alba, went to a shooting range in Burbank to fire off a few rounds with a couple of her friends, as seen in the above picture, she looks very happy, relaxed, and care free, thus this should encourage you to make your own plans with the person you love to head out to a shooting range in order to blow off some steam together while having fun at the same time.

When it comes to doing activities with the person you love on normal days, things could get kind of monotonous, so every now and then, you and the person you love should make plans to do something really different from your regular everyday date idea, and go a bit edgy in planning things that would get your adrenalin pumping; such a thing is going to a shooting range.

Make plans with the person you love to go to a shooting range, rent a gun with some bullets for the both of you, and head in to where it is specialized for target practice. Take turns firing the gun at the target, show each other how tough you can be, and how strong you are. This sort of activity would make your loved one look at you with more respect and admiration.

In addition to all the excitement and adrenaline rush this date idea would give you and your loved one, it is the perfect thing to before heading out to grab a meal together and continuing the day with great fun and happiness around each other.


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