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Barack Obama president of the United States playing game of pool

Game of Pool Date Time

First Dates


When it comes to going out for a game of pool as a date, it is great to go out on such a date with your partner as a first date. First dates are always a source of anxiety for the majority of people all around the world and the stress rises intensely when you really want the first date to go perfectly. One way of ensuring you have an awesome first date is by taking your date for a game of pool.

As you have seen in the above picture, even the president of the United States enjoys a simple game of pool, so taking your date out to enjoy this type of game is a perfect way to kick off a first date. In addition, a good game of pool can be considered as a casual date idea, and that would be perfect for a first date.

The good thing about this sort of date is that it opens up two opportunities for you; first, the game would be a lot more fun if your date is not really good at it, so your job is to help them out to learn how to play the game; and we all know the idea behind “helping them out”. 

Second, a game of pool usually takes about a maximum of one hour, during that time you would have a clear idea about who your date is as person, and you can easily decide if you want to continue to enjoy a meal together or end it. Keep in mind that no matter what you choose you would have had a good time!


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