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Fifty Shades of Grey Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson crazy chopper date

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Anniversary Dates


People always want their anniversary date to be really special since it is a remembrance of the starting point of the relationship. If you are looking for amazing anniversary ideas to do, in which you give your loved one a grand gesture, woo, and amaze them, check out this crazy, yet very clever date idea inspired by the movie Fifty Shades of Grey.

Now this date idea might need a bit of planning beforehand but worry not, in the end you would see that it was all worth it. In the movie of Fifty Shades of Grey, Christian Grey invited Anastasia Steele to a “surprise” date, and they went up in his chopper and rode through the night sky all over the city.

So head out and make plans before the big anniversary surprise, and rent a chopper to take you and your loved one soaring through the night sky; you would find it extremely romantic watching the building lights from high up. You do not have to make it a surprise, but it is definitely better to make it one, you and your loved one would bond, and feel overly loved throughout the night.

This sort of anniversary date idea might seem a bit over the top, expensive, and posh but the price range starts from $50 up to $200; depending on how far and how much time you want. Keep in mind that it is totally worth it especially on an anniversary. You and your loved one would talk about it constantly during and after the date. Always remember that a great anniversary date would lead to a strong relationship in the future.


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