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San Fermín festival  Pamplona, Spain Travel to a Festival Special date idea

Travel to a Festival

Special Dates


Special occasion you share with your loved one must be celebrated with a sense of fun and adventure; one of the ways to insure that the special occasion will always be remembered is by doing something overly special like traveling together. Traveling to any country any time of year is not the idea here, yet it is traveling to a country that is holding one of its annual festivals.

One of those special festivals that couples should visit is the San Fermín festival that is held in Pamplona, Spain. It begins on July 6 till the 14th of July; during the week-long festival many activities and parades happen, the celebration is constant all day long. You and your loved one can make travel plans during this week of festivals.

Going to a festival in a foreign country is just the right thing you need to make the relationship you share with your loved one stronger. You would celebrate all the time, enjoy all sorts of activities, food, and parades being held all throughout the day while having an amazing time seeing, and trying things that are different from what you usually know.

Going on this sort of special date would make you and your loved one get closer to each other; you would be experiencing new things together that would bond you together with strength. Festivals always have a vibe off fun and excitement, and all around you are couples which would make you two really comfortable and would guarantee having an amazing time.

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