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Lay Me Down Under the Starry Night Valentine date idea

Lay Me Down Under the Starry Night

Valentine Dates


When Valentine’s Day is getting closer, everyone worries about planning the perfect date, going to the perfect place, and ensuring that they would have a perfect time. Valentine’s Day is not about making everything perfect, when you are planning your Valentine’s Day date keep in mind that it is not about what you do nor how you do it, but it is about why you do it and how you show it.

Planning you Valentine’s Day evening might be a subject you should worry about, but no matter what you do or what you plan, your loved one would be thrilled either way and the simple thought that you actually took time to think about something to do together on this day, to celebrate the love you both share for each other.

One of the ways to show your loved one how much you love them is by simple acts of love, and one of the biggest acts of love you can do is by planning a night under the stars. Look around before the big day for the perfect place to spend the night; preferably a green landscape with no lights around, or a rooftop. Get some blankets, and take out your loved one to this place and lie down on the ground to watch the stars.

Spend the night with the person you love looking up at the stars, as seen in the above picture, and talk about anything you want; this sort of environment would bring out the romantic side in the both of you, and you both would easily talk about your mutual love, and your flourishing future together.


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