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Jump from the Sky skydiving adrenaline rush anniversary date idea

Jump from the Sky Date Time

Anniversary Dates


When you and your loved one’s anniversary is coming you always want to do something extra special to celebrate this lovely time, to celebrate the memory and cherish your love for all eternity. There is no better way to celebrate an amazing anniversary then to do something really special with the person you love; have you ever thought of skydiving? Here is why this is an amazing idea for an anniversary!

Anniversaries are all about romance and love, and the thing that drives lover to realize how deeply they both love each other, and how far they are willing to sacrifice for their love is by doing things together that would give you an adrenaline rush. One of the ways to do that is by going skydiving.

Make plans on your anniversary to head out with your loved one to a place specialized in skydiving, and plan to jump from high up together, hand in hand as a way of celebrating your anniversary, as a way of celebrating your strong love. While doing this you would be giving each other the strength you both need to do it and you would let out the courage within each of you. This would make each of you realize how much you depend on each other for the future.

Jump from the plane hand in hand, and to make the memory even more special, ask someone to jump at the same time with you to capture this moment in pictures, as seen in the above picture of the couple skydiving. This anniversary date idea would be the perfect thing to celebrate such a lovely memory.


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