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Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio spotted leaving a club together dancing clubbing date idea

Dance It Up Date Time

Special Dates


When there is a special occasion around the corner; you or your loved one’s birthday, a six month anniversary, or any other special occasion that you and your loved one share together you always want to do something that is really special, and that would signify how special this specific date is for the both of you. One of the many special things you could do together is to go out to a club!

Going out on a special occasion you and your loved one share is very important to enrich your relationship positively, and one way to do that is by going out clubbing, or as some might prefer to call it; dancing. That is because you won’t be just going out to sit in a pub and drink together; you two would dance the night away!

Decide on a club that offers the best mix of the style of music you and your loved one both prefer to dance to; R&B, techno, or it might even be rock, and head there to have the best time ever the both of you. When you reach the club, first of all enjoy a drink together while getting ready to go crazy on the dance floor, and then hit the dance floor with your loved one and begin dancing like no one is watching, and as if you have no care in the world.

Going out dancing with the person you love on a special occasion would be the perfect kind of date if you want to have a great time together, and let go of built up stress. Also, this date idea does not restrict you on going out the both of you alone, you can invite friends to have an extra special time, and simply be completely happy.


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