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ABC Family Switched at Birth Daphne and Jace treasure hunt date idea

Let Us Go on a Treasure Hunt Date

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Going out on a treasure hunt that is similar to the one that Daphne and Jace on Switched at Birth went out to is easier than you think, you do not need to stress yourself out in hiding a treasure nor drawing a map for your loved one, there is a simple, easy, and extremely fun way to do it. All you need is to go out on a normal afternoon with your loved one with the spirit of adventure, and your phones.

If you are wondering how all this would work, the answer is simply one word; geocaching. Geocaching is done by over 6 million people worldwide, all over the globe, it is an activity in which an item, or container holding many items is hidden in a particular location, that is found by other players by using GPS coordinates posted on the internet.

All you need is your phone and access to a GPS and the map of the area you and your loved one are in, then you go to geocaching.com and get a location of a treasure that is in your area and you start searching for it with the person you love. When you finally find it, you put something in its place for others to find later on.

This sort of activity would bring you and your loved one closer together, especially since it fills your hearts with the spirit of laughter and childhood fun adventure. Even if you and your loved one are not really treasure-hunting fans, you can not deny that this is a great way to bond and pass an afternoon with extreme fun.


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