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Wander Around on a Bike Every Day Date Idea

Wander Around on a Bike Date

Every Day Dates


When it comes to doing things constantly with the one you love, repetition will make the relationship boring, and no one wants that! So in order to keep your relationship alive and full of excitement you have to always bring new things to the table, and keep that spark of love always flying in the air around. One way to do that is by going on adventurous everyday dates, and here is an idea that would work perfectly!

We have all seen those old movies where couples go on a ride in the park on that “one bicycle” and they would always be happy and would continue a very fulfilling day after that ride. If you are wondering what the “one bicycle” is; it the one seen in the above picture where two people can ride it at the same time.

Rent the one bicycle with the one you love on an afternoon where you feel that you want to do something special and different together, and go for a stroll in the park. Take turns taking the seat in front; peddling together, or try peddling one at a time at some point to show the person you love that you can carry their weight. Wander around the park, in between trees and simply enjoy your time together.

This sort of everyday date would get you and the person you love closer together, you would build a stronger bond of trust in between you two. If you feel like it, you can even ask one of your friends to take some pictures of you two while on this “one bicycle” in order to remember this day forever.


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