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Sneak Into a Pool Every Day Summer Date Idea

Sneak Into a Pool Date

Every Day Dates


On a hot summer day, instead of sitting at home, bored, yet wanting to do something with your loved one that is crazy and new. Something that would cool of the hot summer weather and that has a bit of an edge to it that would give you both a rush of adrenaline; going to the pool is the perfect thing to do. But heading to the pool might not be the thing you are actually hoping to do, so instead of just going to a public pool, sneak into a private one.

Now trespassing to a private swimming pool might not be the best suggestion to do on this hot summer day, but it is pretty harmless, and can certainly be quite fun; you and the person you love would have an amazing time together and you both can even bring another couple friend you have and make it an extra fun and exciting day.

All you need to do is to decide on the place you want to break in to enjoy a dip in their pool; you do not necessarily have to jump over walls and break down gates to reach the pool. All you have to do is act like you and your loved one, and your friends are regulars there, and simply walk in like nothing is weird or wrong about you being there.

Pick an easy place to enter, do not complicate things, just enter the place and go for a dip in the pool. This date idea is a great way to build up adrenaline and have an amazing, fun time with the person you love while you soak in the sun.


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