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From Place to Place You Get a Perfect First Date

From Place to Place You Get a Perfect Date

First Dates


When you have a first date coming up soon, you really want to show the person you are going out with that you can be adventurous, yet classy at the same time. You want to be able to insure that your date would actually want to go out with you for a second time after the first date. To be able to insure that, you must make an extra effort to make your first date awesome; and here is an amazing idea you can do!

Make plans to take out your date on a date that requires a bit of moving around from place to place. No this is not a sports first date! Usually when you go out on a first date you would head to a restaurant, sit the whole time and enjoy your meal together while exchanging the “get to know me” conversations.

This first date idea has a bit of twist in the flow of events, the plan would be to take your date on a three-course dinner date, but in three different places. Decide together on three places; the first for the appetizers, the second for the main course, and the third for dessert. This way you would have the freedom to decide with your date the best place for each course in the meal you would be having.

In the end you would have had an amazing meal together, in addition to shaking things up with the various meals you decided on. This date would also be really fun and you two would have plenty of things to talk about with ease.


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