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Imagine a House on a First Date

Imagine a House on a First Date

First Dates


First dates are naturally weird, and awkward, so why not purposely do something that is quite strange with your date on your first outing together, we all know that two negatives make a positive. First dates can be really fun, and there is always a way to kill away the weirdness in the air; this date idea is a great way to bond with your date and get to know them on a pretty personal level, and it would definitely be both exciting and fun.

Make plans with your date to head out on your first outing together to an upscale, classy neighborhood  that is either being built, or that has a couple of buildings and houses still under construction. Now you may be thinking what kind of date is this, but be patient you would both have a great time.

Decide on a house, and sneak into it, it is preferable to go late at night, walking around quietly and laughing while hushing each other, you would both have so much fun. The fact that you both would be walking around trying to be quiet, yet knowing that if you get caught you would actually be in trouble, would give the date a kind of excitement that would get you two to bond deeply.

Wander around the house with your date and make up all sorts of stories about it, you
can even play a game in which you imagine it is your house and pick out tile colours, deciding on imaginary furniture and layouts. You and your date would have an amazing time.


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