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Whenever you have a special occasion around the corner; a birthday, your six month anniversary, or even any special occasion you might share with your loved one, you always want to do something that is special and romantic, yet fun and exciting. One of the many awesome things you can do on such occasions with the person you love is going to a street or country fair that is being held somewhere close to where you live.

From the youngest generation to the oldest generation, fairs are always the best place to create memories, and to have an amazing time with the people you love. Make plans with your loved one on this special date that you share together to head out to a street or country fair to spend the day in between games and food.

Spend the day with your loved one walking around the fair, playing the various games they offer; from shooting ducks, to throwing hoops, and just enjoy and laugh together while having a great time. Also, pass by the many stands that offer various foods; and try a bit of everything just for the fun of it; create memories together that would last a lifetime.

The most important thing to remember when you and the person you love are at the fair is to go on the Ferris wheel, there is nothing more romantic than reaching the top of the wheel and being together; hand in hand watching the amazing view from high up. Going to the fair would definitely be a great idea to do on a special occasion.


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